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Interviews + Profiles


Interviews + Profiles

Stories of transformation and talent across the globe

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The Love Heard Round the World: Charles Bradley Opens Rough Trade NYC

This past November, Rough Trade NYC made its US debut, packing a full house with a wildly infectious performance by Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band. And can we just say, for the record there are few artists that do it like Mr. Bradley. 

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Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground at Rough Trade NYC

Plus an exclusive interview with Moog mastermind, Emmy Parker (Brand Director, Moog Music & Moogfest)

The future is here and we’ve got Moog Music to thank for picking Brooklyn as their lucky host. Sure, it’s called a “monthlong synthesizer residency” by media folks and labeled “Moog Room” by way of Rough Trade’s in-house signage– but really, it’s so much more. If you’ve been to the space, close your eyes and think back to your first impression and overall experience. Hard to put in words, right? That’ a good thing, and you’re not alone.

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Throw Vision: Finding Synesthesia in Music 

Too often, artists become cogs of their own machine, churning out the same hit on stage performance after performance. Throw Vision, a quirky quartet hailing from Crown Heights, recently caught our attention for being anything but more of the same. 

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From Stocks to Dogs, An Entrepreneur is Born

Johnny Chan, 44-year old native New Yorker and founder of Prospect Pack, was never one to play by the rules. After nearly two decades of Wall Street wealth, a string of meaningless gigs, and a major revelation with Ayahuasca plant medicine in the Peruvian jungle, his calling found him sitting on a bench in Prospect Park. The last six years have brought Johnny a fruitful entrepreneurial success. He lives in Ditmas Park with his wife, three kids and dog, Ajax.

This Q&A was created for an NYU Professional Development class, Interviews & Profiles (2017)

What's Love Got To Do With It [VIDEO]

Like many creatives armed with left and right brain superpowers, Alan Aine was gifted with the brain of a scientist and painter. It wasn’t until five years ago that he decided to give his art the proper outlet for expression, alongside his day job as a computer scientist. You may have seen his street art of impressionistic faces splashed across Bed Stuy buildings or Alan himself in the flesh making a scene at Bushwick Open Studios. Together with his wife and creative collaborator, Raquel Diaz, they both live and create together under their studio name, Atelier Brooklyn. Equipped with self-made mastery of uniquely impressionistic styles and diverse cultural perspectives, Alan and Raquel’s dynamic shows that the language of love and art overlap more often than not.

This video was created for an NYU Professional Development class, Multimedia Storytelling (2017).

Feminine Dance Medicine - Women’s Retreat in Turkey [VIDEO]

Sophia S. has danced her way across continents teaching a multidisciplinary approach to movement — rooted in various lineages of yoga, healing modalities dance traditions of female empowerment.

This video promotes her upcoming workshop in Turkey, called Feminine Dance Medicine Retreat.

Project Play [VIDEO]

Christina Schwedler, a Texas native with a college degree in Vocal Performance, came to New York to chase big dreams. Within a few months of moving, Christina has given full expression to her many passion points as both graduate student of Vocal Performance at Brooklyn College and as teacher at the Brooklyn Music Factory. With a voracious appetite for performance and creativity, Christina's recent aspiration is to combine her passion for Opera Singing with another more unexpected "spirit hobby," the circus arts. This intimate look at a slice of Christina's life begs the question -- what is the power of play?

This video was created for a School of Visual Arts class, Creating a Documentary Film (2018).