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Year: 2018
Agency: MediaCom
Role: Project Manager
Accounts: Claritin & Aleve

Aleve Back & Muscle Pain: With the launch of new Aleve B&M, trailblazers/influencers celebrate their unique #TFW (That Feeling When, a commonly used social media hashtag highlighting moments of achievement) through produced video content, photos, IG stories and GIFs. Talent spanned athletes, chefs, and DIY experts, all practicing physically active professions that are alleviated by the product’s pain relief. Platforms include Facebook and Instagram.

Talent included: Tim Howard, Egypt Sherrod, Graham Eliot, Sierra Blair-Coyle

Claritin 20 Minutes of Spring: Trailblazers & influencers encourage viewers and fans to spend 20 minutes outside in nature through original talent produced video content and IG stories. This brand purpose activation was meant to create stronger reach and brand affinity for Claritin as a champion of the enjoying the outdoors during allergy season. This generated 18M impressions on Facebook and Instagram.

Talent included: Stephen Twitch Boss, Dule Hill, Vernon Davis, Moon Frye, Sabrina Soto, JJ Yosh and Rachel Rudwall

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