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Brooklyn Bowl

Year: 2013
Agency: Learned Evolution
Role: Social Media Producer

Brooklyn Bowl has redefined the entertainment experience and role of social media in building authentic community online. Since 2008, the brand’s social presence has grown to 64k+ on Facebook, 42k+ on Twitter and 18k+ on Instagram.

As Social Media Producer, I created branded content across the venue's website, social channels, email newsletters, and digital campaigns (giveaways, contests, co-promotional content with local music publishers) to promote all shows and events while managing five interns, Designer and Street Team.  

As part of overall brand strategy, Learned Evolution and Brooklyn Bowl partnered to host an event series called Local x Local, showcasing NYC's best music, food, beer and art. I sourced local vendors and sponsors, worked with the in-house restaurant to concept a custom food pairing, and coordinated the design of all promo material. 

Results: According to AdWeek, 'Founded in 2008, Brooklyn Bowl now has the most-followed Instagram profile of any venue in New York City (8,940 followers). In 2011, “Brooklyn Bowl” was the tenth most-searched Google keyword in the New York metropolitan area.'

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