"I'll find my way home while exploring the galaxy"

Sonic Sketch x Beta Beats #2: Greenpoint

I think the neighborhood I will miss most while I'm abroad is Greenpoint, hands down. 

Four years ago, an agency job in a nondescript warehouse on West Street brought me to this charming North Brooklyn neighborhood, where I had the glorious luxury of walking two blocks a day to work, and spending many a summertime lunch break at Transmitter Park.

Three apartments and many favorite coffeeshops later, I've come to call this place my home.

This past Friday, the summery breeze inspired a spontaneous bike ride to Transmitter Park, probably my favorite bike ride in all of New York.

I found myself on the pier, meditating on the East River and noticing pockets of development springing up in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Then, my eyes catch the Williamsburg Bridge, a very special place that will always bring me back to the auspicious day when Wylie and I made the decision to leave New York and travel around the world. 

The beats pay homage to that breezy day on the pier, where everything was in its right place.

Tiffany Wen