"I'll find my way home while exploring the galaxy"

Day Thirty-Nine: Surrender and Jump

I’ve been having the most vivid dreams lately, the kind that lingers into the waking conscious state. Not sure if it was partly due to the cacao ceremony from the night before or the upcoming supermoon (kidding sort of), but something shook me to the core this morning. The thought of going to Anoushka’s workshop seemed much more appealing today.

Our plan for this morning was to rent a motorbike to get ourselves into town and see about the ATM situation. The government’s mandate to change the currency has drawn out much longer than most had expected, and most ATMs are still closed because money has not yet been issued. We must have driven past 10 different spots and they were all chain locked. We also stopped by a few household appliance shops, but they didn’t accept credit card as expected.


On the positive, it’s been a bonding experience with the community as everyone’s been on the hunt for cash. You’re certainly not getting haggled on the streets as much either because wallets are empty. Credit card machines that worked just a day ago are starting to malfunction. The universe is telling us all to stop consuming, and there’s really no way around it.

This didn’t stop me from making one somewhat pricey decision: the workshop. I would be lying if I didn’t mention the resistance that came up several times before committing fully. It was her first workshop of this kind, cost 3500 rupee for the whole thing, and I wasn’t totally convinced I would get enough out of it to justify the spending. The hell with it though, my instinct was to get out of my brain and into my gut. And my gut said to go.

So I showed up along with three other awesome ladies. It wouldn’t feel right to go into too much detail here, but let’s just say six hours later, I felt I had just gone through some kind of rebirth, a major cleansing of the spirit. My body had been filled up, my eyes were electric, and my heart felt wholeness in trust. Through different exercises and techniques involving eye contact, art therapy, inner critic embodiment, inner child work, and group mantra, something completely shifted internally. I felt lighter and fuller at the same time.

Round two resumes tomorrow, and until then, I’ll be savoring all the light and love from the day. Stopped by Pure Soul for pumpkin soup, root vegetable lasagna, vatta tea and a moist chocolate ball for a hearty meal afterwards. 

Tiffany Wen